Ferrari Painting Red

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This is 24″x36″ framed hand painting of a red Ferrari was created by local artist Nadja Marks-Shafton especially for Flight To The North Pole. It is a one of a kind and would be the pride and joy of any car enthusiast.

Watch the time lapse video of the creation of the painting below. Read about Nadja in the description at the bottom of this page.


Item condition: New



About The Artist

Nadja Marks-Shafton

 Artist based in Sarasota, Florida

I began painting young. I remember wanting to create the best construction paper mask in 3rd grade, and how I loved my light-filled 7th grade art class where we were allowed to listen to the radio. I started oil painting at 15 after going through my first heart break.

Raised in a picturesque New England fishing village, we loved 3 seasons but often left for winters. My family would homeschool me for a couple months in warmer countries like South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Australia and New Zealand. These trips were immersions into the energy of the land, and we never took the tourist route. The rich cultural, spiritual, and visual experiences from these trips continue to inspire me deeply.

After college, I answered the inner call to move to Israel for 5 years to steep in the spiritual cultural heritage my family had always encouraged. I also returned to Africa during this time where I let the rich African culture of my mom’s homeland infuse my work with a flavor of passion and earth.

In 2016 I got married, and moved back to Sarasota Florida where my family resided. I had my first classical training during this time. When an artist has the gifts of passion and skill, a great liberation of creative expression occurs.

I honor all the stages of my development, even my work from kindergarten. I think the discovery done in a person’s life is the greatest art of all. My vision is to have a permanent retrospective which will include work from all stages of my life.




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